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I was laying around watching some TV when I got a message from Tyler inviting me out to do a quick loop around Lake Kegonsa during the golden hour.  I very briefly considered passing on that invite but thought better of it...  I mean, I was just watching TV after all.  So I quickly threw my gear together and set out to meet up with Tyler.  I wasn't sure how my legs were going to hold up after all the fat biking I have done (including the shenanigans from last night) but they didn't do too bad.  Albeit they were somewhat achy and sore.  By the time we were headed back into town they were feeling pretty dead and so I requested that we avoid having to climb the rollers on Lake Farm Park Rd.  It's not like they are all that steep but I just never enjoy that section of road.  Tyler obliged my request so we rolled back into town pretty easy on the Cap City Trail and then had a post ride beer at my place.

Having friends to initiate these random adventure is great.  I am also thankful that I have the ability, opportunity and freedom to do such things on a whim like this.  All said we banged out 39 miles in just over 2 hours of riding on a beautiful evening.  We even got a few partial rainbows and a lovely sunset.




The camera seems to have mostly recovered from the water leakage as suffered during The Golden Triangle ride yesterday.  It obviously turns on and functions at this point which is a big improvement already over the zero response I was previously getting.  It seems there is still a bit of fogginess to the images though and it's like having a soft effect filter on all the time.  Perhaps another day or two of drying out will fix that, time will tell.  In any case, I had already ordered the newer model a few days ago since the price has dropped significantly over the last year.

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Kevin organized a ride for us which he dubbed, The Golden Triangle.  The premise… Bust down the Badger State Trail and then do a quick pub crawl between Old Duffers, Paoli Pub and Dots.  Swimming in Paoli was also a planned event for the day and it turns out that we should take advantage of that cold Sugar River more often as it was most refreshing. 

Unfortunately the waterproof seal on my camera didn't hold and allowed some water inside after which the camera stopped working.  (admittedly the door was partially busted so I've largely avoided submersing it in water prior to this)  I finished the day taking photos with my phone which is why the dimensions and quality of photos changed after that point, the quality dropped off noticeably once it started to get dark out.
Anyhow, we completed all of the planned objectives in style.  But then in addition to that we also spontaneously rode some singletrack, added weaponry to Alex’s bike, played a quick game of volleyball, threw some horseshoes and gawked over a '66 Chevelle SS 396.  When we were unexpectedly shut out of Dots because of them closing early we decided to procure food and beer in Belleville and ride down to the Stewart Tunnel before returning home.

It was, by all accounts, a fantastic ride and we are already scheming about doing something similar in other directions from Madison.

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The past few months I have been riding the fat bike more and more...  It has basically become my primary around-town ride at this point.  I'm not sure if the reason for this is a subconscious prepping for this coming winter or if it's just because riding fat is simply so damn fun.  Probably a bit of both.  In addition, I'm planning to ride the Pugsley on our annual Northwoods All-Terrain Adventure so part of logging extra miles on it has been to get ready for that.

This morning I woke up about an hour early so I decided to ride the Pugs into work.  It's an idea I had been toying with for a while but had never committed to.  More often than not, if I commute I grab the Space Horse as it makes quick work of the 12 miles out to Sun Prairie.

My perspectives however have shifted a bit in regards to riding the fat bike.  This has mostly been do to tire selection.  As I have learned through cross and gravel racing selecting the right tires can have a dramatic impact on your ride quality and performance, it's no different with the fat bike.  I had been running a Bud/Nate tire setup on the Pugs this past winter and that is a fantastic pairing for tearing through the snow.  Unfortunately that combo is less appealing when faced with longer rides on pavement or hard packed trail.  I recently switched to using Vee Rubber Vee 8's for summer riding and that has made a huge difference.  The idea of putting in long miles on pavement or hard packed trail much more appealing.  On a side note, I do wish they made a larger 4.8/5" version of the Vee 8 that I could put on the Clown Shoe up front.  Otherwise, they have proven to be a great, faster rolling option.

So I finally committed to riding the Pugs to work.  I gave myself an extra 20 minutes as I wasn't sure how tired my legs were going to be... as it turned out this was absolutely unnecessary.  I rode fairly easy, only pushing the pace a few times, and made it into work in just under 50 minutes.  So...  if this was a test, the Pugsley definitely passed.  I think it's safe to say that the fat commute is going to become a thing now... at least some of the time.



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