Tenkara Fly Fishing, The First Day

Sep 06, 2014



Over the last couple months, Steve and I have been talking about potentially adding some fishing to our cycling adventures.  Steve mentioned Tenkara Fly Fishing, how simple it is and that the poles collapse down for travel.  This seemed like the perfect pairing for cycling.  We both started doing research into it and last week both ordered the necessary gear, which is very minimal.  Basically it consists of a rod, a line and a fly.  Now you can certainly add a few extra bits of gear to make life easier on yourself, but when it comes down to it, you need very little to get started.  I did pick up a few extras as well... Some extra flies and a new floating fly box, a set of forceps, a line clipper and some extra line.  Even still, it's a very small amount of gear and very easily packs into the bike.

So this morning I loaded up the Pugsley and went out to try my hand at Tenkara Fly Fishing.  Admittedly it took me a little bit to get things figured out but soon enough I had the basics down.  Before long I had caught my first fish, a small bluegill.  Then a second, then a third...  eventually after fishing a spot for a bit I would break the pole down, pack up, roll to a different spot and try again for a change of scenery or to better deal with the breeze.  This is how the next few hours went and it was a lot of fun.  People seemed curious about the fishing and, as usual, my bike so I had a fair number of random conversations.  One guy attempted to talk to me about God.  He was prepared to give me literature and everything.  Needless to say, that didn't go very far...   Over the next 3 hours I probably caught 40 - 50 fish.  Most ranged from small to tiny but there were a few of an acceptable size.  I wasn't planning to keep them anyways so size was not a concern.  I just wanted to go out, catch some fish and have fun.  In this, I most certainly was successful.


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