The Woods of Desolation

Aug 10, 2014


Kevin organized a bike ride, camping trip and brewery stop for his birthday this year.  This adventure was otherwise known as The Woods of Desolation.    Kevin had a couple of campsites at the New Glarus Woods already reserved and had dropped off his vehicle the night before which was loaded up with all the food and most people’s gear… so it was really just a matter of cruising out there and setting up camp.  I hadn’t given him any of my gear so I rolled with the Pugsley loaded up.

There were five of us that choose to ride out to the campground and others were going to drive out and join us later.  We left Madison around 11:20, rolled down the Badger State Trail and stopped in Belleville to buy some refreshment and go swimming.  Swimming was awesome considering how hot and humid it was but the destination was not yet reached so we collected our things and got rolling again.  As we were leaving Belleville I noticed a garage sale down the block which we went and checked out.  Jon got himself a nice ceramic duck bank / pot.  An excellent find which then found itself strapped majestically to the back of his bike.  After that we continued down the BST, went through the tunnel (which was a first for several of those in attendance) and then cut over to New Glarus by way of Exeter Crossing Rd.

We made camp and then proceeded to eat and drink the rest of the night.  The food was awesome and the beer was plentiful.  Good times were had by all.  The next morning we got up, made breakfast, tore down camp and then headed over to the New Glarus Brewery where we enjoyed some of their tasty beer.  After shutting the brewery down we rolled out on the Sugar River Trail because none of us felt like climbing any hills at that point.  We made our way over to the Badger State Trail and started back towards Madison.  On our way back we again stopped in Belleville for more refreshments and swimming before heading for home.

It was such a fun weekend!  Hopefully we can do something like that again next year!


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