The Golden Triangle

Aug 31, 2014


Kevin organized a ride for us which he dubbed, The Golden Triangle.  The premise… Bust down the Badger State Trail and then do a quick pub crawl between Old Duffers, Paoli Pub and Dots.  Swimming in Paoli was also a planned event for the day and it turns out that we should take advantage of that cold Sugar River more often as it was most refreshing. 

Unfortunately the waterproof seal on my camera didn't hold and allowed some water inside after which the camera stopped working.  (admittedly the door was partially busted so I've largely avoided submersing it in water prior to this)  I finished the day taking photos with my phone which is why the dimensions and quality of photos changed after that point, the quality dropped off noticeably once it started to get dark out.
Anyhow, we completed all of the planned objectives in style.  But then in addition to that we also spontaneously rode some singletrack, added weaponry to Alex’s bike, played a quick game of volleyball, threw some horseshoes and gawked over a '66 Chevelle SS 396.  When we were unexpectedly shut out of Dots because of them closing early we decided to procure food and beer in Belleville and ride down to the Stewart Tunnel before returning home.

It was, by all accounts, a fantastic ride and we are already scheming about doing something similar in other directions from Madison.


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